Hi, my name is Ron,

I love what I do, Massage comes Naturally to me.
  My massages are exceptionally well done in a safe and relaxed studio filled with positive energy. I will make sure you feel relaxed and at ease from the very beginning.

My main focus at first is to make the connection, and make sure you feel comfortable. The session is done in a very tranquil, relaxing, private, upscale studio accented with a beautiful waterfall and canopy, heated table, moon lighting, serene music,  hot steamy towels, and aromatherapy included in each session.

I will be using different techniques such as Swedish/Relaxation, Deep Tissue/Trigger Point work,  Reiki, Sports Massage with some Thai Yoga Stretching to name a few.
I guarantee you will have a different and unique experience.
Try me and you'll want to see me again.
MASSAGE THERAPY: This is a general term for a range of Therapeutic Approaches.  The practice of Kneading or otherwise manipulating a person's muscles and other soft tissue with the intent of improving a person's well-being or health. Stroking and Kneading of the body parts has been used for centuries to relieve pain.
TOUCH: Massage is derived from the arabic word,  "MAS" which means touch. What an awesome, powerful thing the human touch is. Without touch, a baby dies, the human heart aches, and the soul withers. Science and common sense teach ustthat we all need to be touched  for our physical welfare. our emotional vitality, and our spiritual health. Studies have shown how babies fail to survive if they are not touched and fail to thrive unless they are nurtured by regular tactile communication. Infants need touch for their neurological development, and this basic human need does not dissapear as we grow older. 
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